I Quaderni di Careggi

26 Aprile 2012 | id:1444

I Quaderni di Careggi is an online publication collecting texts and papers presented at the Careggi Seminars, an initiative launched by UNISCAPE under the aegis of the Tuscany Region in order to celebrate the intellectual activity that once took place in the Villa Medicea of Careggi.




The papers and discussions taking place during the UNISCAPE En-Route Seminars will be published in the series:
UNISCAPE En-Route, a second series of I Quaderni di Careggi.


Scientific Editor: Dr. Amy Strecker: amy.strecker@uniscape.eu
Graphic layout: Fabrizio Bagatti - Organisation: Tessa Goodman
UNISCAPE - info@uniscape.eu - www.uniscape.eu

ISSN  2281-3195  
I Quaderni di Careggi

  Quaderni di Careggi- First issue- Participation in Landscape Planning
  Quaderni di Careggi- Second issue- Rural Landscapes
  Quaderni di Careggi- Third issue-Soundscapes
  Quaderni di Careggi- Fourth issue- Renewable Energies
  Quaderni di Careggi- Fifth issue- Landscape Observatories
  Quaderni di Careggi - Sixth issue - Common Goods

Second Series: UNISCAPE En-Route

  UNISCAPE En-Route - First issue - Landscape Observatories in Europe II
  UNISCAPE En-Route - Second issue - Resilient Landscape for Cities of the Future
  UNISCAPE En-Route - Third issue - Recovering River Landscapes
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