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Centre for Landscape Democracy (CLaD) at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences

the new Centre for Landscape Democracy founded in 2014

25 Maggio 2014 | id:1550

University of Turku

30 Aprile 2014 | id:1547

Norwegian University of Life Sciences NMBU

16 Febbraio 2014 | id:1542

Florence Declaration and Progress Report on the Links between Biological and Cultural Diversity

follow up regarding the UNESCO-SCBD European Conference on Biological and Cultural Diversity, 8-11 April 2014, Florence, Italy

29 Ottobre 2013 | id:1534

Combining scientific expertise with participation: the challenge of the European Landscape Convention

Université Libre de Bruxelles, 28-29 April 2014, deadline abstracts 15 November 2013

14 Ottobre 2013 | id:1533

Contrasting soil consumption- interdisciplinary seminar

University of Salerno, Department of Political, Social and Communication Sciences, 7 October 2013

04 Ottobre 2013 | id:1531

Economics and techniques for the conservation of the architectural and environmental heritage

II level - Master and Ph.D.- 9th edition 2013/2014

04 Settembre 2013 | id:1528

Job opportunity: Assistant Professor in Spatial Planning

Wageningen University, deadline 30th of June

12 Giugno 2013 | id:1512

Urban Nature through Projects

7-8 February 2013, Paris

05 Ottobre 2012 | id:1484

Landscape: Tidiness, management, sustainability

5 October 2012, Turin, Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali

27 Settembre 2012 | id:1482

Publications of the Department of Formation Sciences, Cultural Heritage and Tourism

University of Macerata

26 Settembre 2012 | id:1481

R.I.M.E.M. Project, Researches on Medieval Settlement in the Marche Inland

Director Umberto Moscatelli, University of Macerata

26 Settembre 2012 | id:1479

COURSES IN LANDSCAPE: Cultural Heritage Division

University of Macerata

26 Settembre 2012 | id:1478


The degree course, Milan's Università degli Studi, Edolo, Brescia (Italy)

26 Settembre 2012 | id:1475

Archivi architettura e paesaggio tra Marche e Umbria: mappa delle emergenze

Thursday, 24th of May UNIVPM


24 Maggio 2012 | id:1454

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