International Conference "Landscape and Imagination", Paris 2-3-4 May

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06 Aprile 2012 | | id:1413

Landscape & Imagination Conference
a brief report by Bas Pedroli (Director of UNISCAPE)

The conference Landscape & Imagination 2-4 May in Paris was a great success!

After the first UNISCAPE Conference Living Landscapes on the scientific underpinning of the European Landscape Convention, Landscape & Imagination discussed the implications of the ELC for education. It was organised by UNISCAPE and the École Nationale d'Architecture de Paris - la Villette (ÉNSAPLV)
in the centre of Paris.

We had a vivid and dynamic conference with 250 participants from 30 countries, 5 very inspiring key note lectures (Pavlina Mišíková, Augustin Berque, Bernard Lassus,Toshio Kuwako and Yu KongJian), 140 paper presentations and ample space for discussion, exchange and debate.

UNISCAPE member École Nationale d'Architecture de Paris - la Villette (ÉNSAPLV) had arranged for high level venues for the plenary sessions, with a farewell cocktail on the roof of the Cité de l’Architecture, in front of the Tour Eiffel just  on the other side of the Seine (see photo)!
The debate we had in the round table was very challeging and set the basis for new questions and theretical approaches.

All papers have been peer reviewed, revised and edited and published in the conference materials, which were available to all participants at registration:

Newman, C.,Nussaume, Y. & Pedroli, B.
(Eds) 2013: Landscape & Imagination: towards a new baseline for education in a
changing world. Conference, Paris, May 2-4 2013.
UNISCAPE, Florence / Baldecchi & Vivaldi, Pontedera,
720 pp. ISBN 978-88-8341-548-7.

It can be ordered through the UNISCAPE Office (

The pdf can be downloaded at this link:



 Publication of the conference materials (141 papers).


In many parallel sessions there have been inspiring discussions about new methods of observing, describing and analysing landscape – often in a community-based way – for the sake of properly conveying the message of the values of the European landscape. Exchanges with participants from overseas, particularly Japan and China, remarkably enhanced these discussions. The importance of a comprehensive view on landscape in the sense of the European Landscape Convention, from species diversity to spiritual values and all values between was thus confirmed in a convincing way.

The feedback from many participants was very positive and most people felt inspired by the diversity and the interdisciplinar community that gatherd together for this original conference.

Landscape and Imagination is also on facebook! Lets keep in contact.


Opening Plenary Session in Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, Parc de la Villette.


Parallel sessions in École Nationale d'Architecture de Paris - la Villette (ÉNSAPLV).

Art Parallel session in École Nationale d'Architecture de Paris - la Villette (ÉNSAPLV).


Final Plenary session in Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine.


 Cocktail Reception



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